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Wrist Band – EasyHealth

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EasyHealth Wrist Wraps – 22” with Thumb Loops

1) This is a top rated wrist support band that adds a great deal of support for your heavy workouts. You can avoid a lot of injuries during your heavy sets owing to an unstable or weak hand grip especially the wrist injuries.

2) It feels broad on your wrists, built with high-quality durable material with a mix of cotton, nylon and spandex. The velcro is strong and wide to ensure a tight grip.

3) The heavy compound movements like bench press, overhead press, deadlifts and squats can use extra support on the wrists and help in a stable and controlled motion improving your exercise form.

4) This comes with a thumb loop to ensure better grip and stability.

5) The stretchable and skin friendly fabric adds a lot of comfort during the workout and prevents itching and irritation on the wrists.

6) These heavy-duty wrist bands are easy to wash even in the washing machine.

7) The wrist band length is 22 inches which is quite long when compared to other brands available in the market. This enhances support and fits easily even on thin wrists during the exercise.


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