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Leather Gym Gloves – XTRIM X Macho Men

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If you are a gym junky you know why you need gloves. ‘Callus’ is what we are talking about here.

For people who do not know, callus is that thick, hard area on the skin that develops on palm and fingers, when they are subjected to friction due to the heavyweights that we mangle in the gym. It may sometimes get split making it painful to lift more.

Moreover, it looks ugly.

XTRIM X Macho Men’s Leather Gym Workout Gloves

1) Skin-on-Skin leather is used in the palm and inner area of the fingers, that makes the grip stronger, anti-slip and comfortable. It takes care of the skin, so you can say bye to the callus formation.

2) The gloves come with extra wristband support. The band is made up of stretchable rubber that can be tightly wrapped around the wrist and stick with velcro. It makes the wrist extra strong to give you an enhanced grip to lift heavy.

3) The outer fabric is made of antimicrobial treated mesh that provides good ventilation for the skin. This actively prevents sweat and bad odour making the gloves work through the whole workout session.

4) These are easily washed with mild soap and cold water ready to go for a hard gym session for the next day.

5) There is double stitching used on the leather grip to make the gloves robust and durable.

Note – Some customers have complained about the print on the outer surface of the glove to peel off after a while.

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