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Ladies Gym Leggings – TSLA Yoga Pants High-Waist

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TSLA Yoga Pants High-Waist Tummy Control with Hidden Pocket

Well after going through a number of ladies gym leggings available in the market, there was only one thing that stood out common between the reviews that most ladies have qualms about.

Are the leggings SQUAT PROOF? Which I figured is the test for the leggings for being see-through during a bending workout like Squats.

Hence, began my search for the so-called budget Squat Proof leggings and I found these.

I can for sure say that these leggings do pass the test for the maximum number of reviews (not all) that I have referred.

Now, let us examine some other aspects of these leggings.

A look at the features of the TSLA Yoga Pants

  • Ultra Stretch Fit – These have a stretch fabric that has enough thickness with breathability.
  • The Fabric is Durable and Lightweight.
  • They have Tummy Control elastic waistband that helps to keep the leggings in place while all workout sessions.
  • Pants are designed with moisture-wicking technology that keeps them dry by absorbing sweat during a workout.
  •  The leggings come with a hidden pocket on the side that can hold small objects like credit cards and keys.
  • They have 30-Days NO RISK 100% Full Refund Assurance.



Going through a lot of reviews we concur –




1) Comfort 

The fit of the leggings is quite comfortable for most of the reviewers.

The waistband holds up nicely during a workout and the seamless contours give it a great shape.

They are easy and flexible to move around and wear all day.

2) Fit

The fitting of these leggings is snug as these are compression pants.

They fit perfectly well for most of the reviewers.

The fit is true to the size.

The pocket has good size and can fit your phone easily.

3) Sweat Absorption

The pants do not show sweat stains.

The moisture-wicking fabric holds well during a workout.

4) Colour

There are numerous colour options available for these gym leggings.

5) Pattern

There are different patterns available for these pants including the long solid pants and the mesh air flow design pants.




  1. Camel Toe problem – Some of the reviewers had an issue with the fitting in the crotch area resulting in camel toe.
  2. The fabric is not as soft as higher price range leggings available in the market.
  3. There seemed to be a problem with the waistband fitting during the workout for a few customers as it slides down often.
  4. The lighter shades of the leggings like the grey ones are see-through and could be avoided.




  1. These ladies gym leggings are inexpensive and easily affordable.
  2. The fit and quality seem to hold well for most of the customers as per the reviews.
  3. When compared to higher range products like Lululemon the fabric quality seems off-putting.
  4. The fit of the leggings is snug hence there seems to be a fitting issue depending upon the body type and size of the customer. 



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