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Fitness Tracker Gadget – HolyHigh 115U

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If you are a fitness finicky like me, this product is just for you. This fitness tracker watch is here to track of your daily activities and keep you on track with your fitness goals. This watch is not only your fitness buddy but also a cool and sleek gadget providing a lot more than just tracking your calories.

This is a stylish and comfy watch that can easily outmatch most of the competition in this price range and can even be compared with more expensive gear in the fitness band category.

HolyHigh 115U Smart Fitness Tracker:-

  1. This device can monitor and track your sleep patterns including light and deep sleep, steps, distance, calories burned and the duration of each activity.HolyHigh 115U fitness tracker watch
  2. The device comes with a 1-year warranty from the makers.
  3. The display on the Fitness tracker is OLED HD 0.8 inch screen which is crystal crisp and clear which is easily visible in bright sunlight also.
  4. The Fitness Tracker comes with a huge battery backup that lasts long. So forget about the hassle of charging frequently.
  5. It is waterproof and dust resistant. So don’t worry about those amazing runs in the rains outside.HolyHigh 115U fitness tracker watch
  6. The design of the product is sleek and stylish with a premium finish.
  7. Charging the tracker is quite easy with its inbuilt USB dongle. You do not need a separate charger for this device.HolyHigh 115U fitness tracker watch
  8. You can toggle between different modes like the clock, the calorie tracker, the pedometer etc using the responsive touchpad at the bottom of the screen.
  9. The tracker supports date & time auto sync, sedentary reminder, smart alarm, camera remote control, anti-lost, touch display screen and gesture control functions.HolyHigh 115U Fitness Tracker Watch
  10. Functions like taking a photo with your phone without touching the phone are easily done using the Bluetooth pairing.
  11. You do not need to pick your phone most of the time as the social media notifications of Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, Email and calls are directed to the wristband with vibration alert.HolyHigh 115U Fitness Tracker Watch
  12. You get two modes for the display of time, horizontal and vertical.
  13. The product has a number of modes for activities such as running, walking, dancing etc.HolyHigh 115U Fitness Tracker Watch
  14. The strap of the tracker is durable and flexible for a comfortable experience.
  15. The item is available in Black, Blue, Pink, Purple and Green colours.
  16. You also get an extra free replaceable band for the watch with this item.

*The product does not have a heart rate sensor.


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