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Back Workout at Home – Kore Wall Mounting Pull Up Bar

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Pull-up and Chin-up are essential compound exercises that form the basis of strength training.

Pull-up hits those back muscles targeting mainly the lats along with triceps, forearms, shoulders and the core abdomen area. Pull-up has several variations like the wide grip pull-up, close grip pull-up and pull-ups with weights.

Chin-up is also a variation of pull-up with the palms facing inwards grip. Chin-ups hit the back muscles, shoulders, core abdomen along with the activation of biceps. It can also be done with extra weights added in the movement.

The extra weights can either be hung from the waist using a workout chain or one can grab dumbbell between the feet during the exercise.

Back Workout at Home with Kore K-WM Wall Mounting Pull up/Chin Up Bar:-

1)This is a solid bar made of heavy duty high-grade steel for toughness and durability that can support up to 120 kgs.

2) Ideal for home workout routine as it is easy to install using a drill, hammer and a screwdriver. All the accessories needed to mount the bar on the wall are provided in the kit along with the installation manual.

(Caution- The Screws given in the kit may not be sufficient to hold extra weight. Hence use longer screws to mount the equipment onto the wall)

3)It has 3 grip point positions with 6 foam grips provided to make the hold anti-slip and comfortable.

4)You also get ab straps in the kit which can be used as hanging assistance for doing the abs exercises.

5)The Bar can also be used to do Hanging Leg raises and Hanging Knee Raises, both variations ideal for training the abs especially the stubborn lower abs region.


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