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Add Push Ups Variation with Bar Stand – Fitsy S-shaped

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Push Up Bar Stand:-

Push-up is an amazing exercise to build chest muscles along with the other supporting muscles in the upper body including shoulders, arms, back, and abdomen. Push-up requires no heavy equipment and it can be performed anywhere, be it in your home, office or in the gym. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, the push-up is a basic building block of the workout.

Variations in push-up exercise can be intensified by adding weight to the movement and also by using a push-up bar stand that gives a greater range of motion.

The push-up bar stand allows the chest muscles to stretch more as you have a wider area to lower the chest as compared to performing the same motion resting on your bare hands. This, in turn, makes you push harder to contract the muscles to get back up to the starting position. Hence, giving you a more intense workout. This workout can be varied by alleviating the legs to specifically target the upper part of the chest.

Fitsy S-shaped Push-up Bar Stand:-

  • The ergonomic s-shape of the bar allows greater stability that makes the push-up movement stable and injury free.
  • The foam handle grip makes gripping the bar easy and comfortable.
  • The material of the push-up bar is heavy duty. It can withstand heavy weight so do not worry about any bends in its shape.
  • The bar is light in weight. It can be conveniently stored in small spaces and is portable.
  • The stand can be used on smooth surfaces. It does not skid.


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