banana for weight loss

Banana for Weight Loss

Have you ever been advised against eating a banana while on a weight loss diet? There are many who consider bananas to be super healthy while others term it as ...
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How to lose weight for endomorphs

How to lose weight for Endomorphs

No matter what you do, you are still the heaviest one in the group photo. Round seems to be your bodies favourite shape. You seem to gain weight on mere ...
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Steady State Cardio vs HIIT

Steady State Cardio vs HIIT

Which do you root for? Which is the more effective workout when it comes to fat loss? Steady State Cardio seems to be losing its hold among the new age ...
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Starch in the diet - bad or good?

Starch in the diet – bad or good?

Do you love potato fries? How about bananas? Well, there is a lot we do and don't know when it comes to starch in the food we love. Starch might ...
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Best Warm-up: Dynamic Stretching

Best Warm-Up : Dynamic Stretching

How do you start your workout session? If you are one of those people who shirk away from a warm-up then you are missing the essential prep the muscles and ...
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MyFitCulture : Afternoon Naps

Take a Guilt-Free Afternoon Nap at work !

Taking an afternoon nap at your work may get you into trouble. But did you know there are multinational companies developing policies to let the employees doze off for a while ...
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MyFitCulture : 5 Tips to get the best out of your workout.

5 Tips to get the best out of your workout routine

You might have a well-planned routine for muscle gain, weight loss or to just look your best for the cousin's wedding, however, if you are not able to gain most ...
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MyFitCulture: Are you getting enough sleep for muscle growth

Are you getting enough sleep for muscle growth?

A bad night sleep may ruin the entire next day. We all have been through those cranky and stressful times that can be traced back to an unkempt sleeping schedule. A ...
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MyFitCulture : Lose Fat Naturally

How To Lose Body Fat

Aesthetics have never been as significant in our lives as in today's world. With the advent of the fitness fad, a body with a low fat percentage is deemed fitter and superior ...
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Whey Protein: All You Need To Know

Whey Protein Supplements – All You Need To Know

What exactly is Whey? Whey is the name given to the watery substance that is left as a byproduct when milk is coagulated to form cheese. Milk consists of two ...
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How bad is sugar for you?

How bad is SUGAR for you ?

Who does not love sugar? A sweet tooth is something which is really hard to ditch sometimes. People today are obsessed with sugar-free meals. Restaurants and cafes have a whole ...
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How To Build Muscle At Home

How to build muscle at home

Yes, building muscle at home is possible. No, you ought not to go to the gym to add on some muscle mass to your body. This article focusses on the ...
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