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MyFitCulture : 5 Tips to get the best out of your workout.

5 Tips to get the best out of your workout routine

You might have a well-planned routine for muscle gain, weight loss or to just look your best for the cousin’s wedding, however, if you are not able to gain most out of your workout then chances are you are still not getting the desired outcome.

People who fail to redeem the results of their workout sessions are quite conspicuous.

Remember your fatty neighbour who seems to run every evening and still looks of the same weight or that skinny friend who apparently lives in the gym and is still fails to gain an ounce.

Well, you see you can spot the type easily.

So, what do you think they are doing wrong? Is their workout not efficient enough to earn a difference to their physic? Maybe true.

But there is a bigger reason for them to digress from their goals. Let us find out.


Here are 5 tips to get the best out of your workout routine


1) Stick to a Diet.

(Usual advice? You might be doing a basic mistake here)

Low-Carb, Low-Fat, Keto, Paleo and the list is endless for the new age diet fads in the fitness world today.

Chances are that you are following one right now or have been recommended one, by your new fitness coach.

Truth is, all the diets have their own way of producing desired results. The caveat here is that you must stick to the diet you choose.MyFitCulture: 5 Tips to get the best out of your workout.

You see, simply put, the body is a complex organic system and it takes time for it to add or subtract its organic constituents so as to get into the desired form.

Hence no matter what diet you are on if you do not have the patience and tenacity to continue living by it till you get your goal then probably you are in the tunnel where there is no light on the other side.

So, the take away here is that you must choose a diet that is comfortable to stick with for a lifestyle change and not just for the summers.

Sticking to the diet will not only propel you towards the goal but also boast you for a productive workout in the gym.


2) Time your workout session when you feel most motivated.

(Do not waste your time)

It does not matter if you workout in the morning or the evening, empty stomach or after having a pre-workout meal unless you feel motivated to exercise.MyFitCulture: 5 Tips to get the best out of your workout.

‘Motivation’ for the workout is a stronger surge than ‘Time’ of a workout.

If you are not in the mood to burn calories and ooze out the sweat then no matter what your workout regime is, you will not gain from it.

Hence set your workout routine to a time of the day when you actually feel like doing something for your physic.

Remember an intense workout done for a short duration can be much more effective than a lethargic long session in the gym.


3) Choose a workout split that is practical for you.

(Split that works for you)

A Workout split decides the number of days of workout sessions in a week. It also takes care of the resting days that you get in a week.

Opting for a workout split that leaves you indisposed for a workout for the next week is a recipe for disaster.

MyFitCulture: 5 Tips to get the best out of your workout.

This would lead you to skip the sessions more, ultimately putting you off track from the goal.

Therefore choose a workout split wisely as per your expertise and time constraints.

The routine must provide an intense workout accompanied with ample resting phases to recover and rejuvenate for the forthcoming sessions.


4) A workout should be intense, not long.

(You heard this before. But do you follow?)

The intensity of a workout is the biggest criteria for achieving the results.

One should never overlook the benefits of an intense short duration workout over a longer duration of a relatively easier workout.

MyFitCulture: 5 Tips to get the best out of your workout.


If it does not pose a challenge for you then probably you are following a regime that is too easy for your body. Go for an intense exercise or change your workout routine altogether.

This will not only save a lot of time but also will put you in the driving seat to achieve what you expect from the workout sessions.


5) Stay motivated and believe in the outcome.

(Simple isn’t it? )

This might sound philosophical but it is the hard truth. If you do not believe that your workout is capable of bringing a positive change in your body then you may never achieve it.

The mind has its own ways of dealing with circumstances. Hence if you feel that if an exercise is not working for you, no matter how intense it is, the body will refuse to show the implied results.

MyFitCulture: 5 Tips to get the best out of your workout.


Moreover, it is not good to compare your progress with others.

Everybody has a different metabolism, body structure and composition.

The desired output might take more time for you but it does not mean that it is impossible to achieve it. One must believe in the workout to reap the most benefits from it.



Do these tips help you appreciate your workout more? Can you share any helpful tips of your own.

Comment below to share your views. Cheers!!







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