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banana for weight loss

Banana for Weight Loss?

Have you ever been advised against eating a banana while on a weight loss diet? There are many who consider ...
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How to lose weight for endomorphs

How to lose weight for Endomorphs

No matter what you do, you are still the heaviest one in the group photo. Round seems to be your ...
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Steady State Cardio vs HIIT

Steady State Cardio vs HIIT

Which do you root for? Which is the more effective workout when it comes to fat loss? Steady State Cardio ...
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Starch in the diet - bad or good?

Starch in the diet – bad or good?

Do you love potato fries? How about bananas? Well, there is a lot we do and don't know when it ...
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Best Warm-up: Dynamic Stretching

Best Warm-Up : Dynamic Stretching

How do you start your workout session? If you are one of those people who shirk away from a warm-up ...
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MyFitCulture : Afternoon Naps

Take a Guilt-Free Afternoon Nap at work !

Taking an afternoon nap at your work may get you into trouble. But did you know there are multinational companies developing ...
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